Spring health vegetables and fruits meal, make you beautiful and healthy



Spring health vegetables and fruits meal, make you beautiful and healthy


Coconut Chinese medicine believes that coconut has the effect of soothing meridians, calming blood and qi, and women have a warm-up effect after eating, which can relieve menstrual discomfort.

  Modern nutrition research also confirms that coconut is a good health product, rich in vitamins and minerals.


Purple corn Purple corn is an effective anti-aging food. It is very rich in glutathione and unsaturated fatty acids.

  If you can eat purple corn every day, in addition to wrinkles, your body’s immunity can be greatly improved.


Cucumber Chinese traditional medicine believes that cucumber has a sweet smell and can clear heat, but it won’t turn cold.

  Modern medical research also confirms that the active ingredients in cucumber can cool the liver.

  This is really a good thing. When the temperature rises, the climate is dry, you feel hot inside, and your mood is irritable, cucumber is the best choice to help you clear the heat and regulate the mood.

  In addition, modern nutritional studies have also confirmed that cucumber is the vegetable with the highest concentration and rich in plant fiber, which can effectively promote gastrointestinal detoxification.


Is the effect of papaya papaya breast enhancement?

  Its solid wood melon contains unique enzymes and pectin. The combination of the two can not only promote slight burning, but also accelerate cell detoxification. It is the best choice for natural slimming.

  What’s more, if the mosquito stings, the flesh attached to the papaya skin will have antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effects!


You must have never thought of watermelon. The active ingredients in watermelon actually have skin-beautifying effects.

  Yes, the special amino acid component contained in watermelon can be easily absorbed by the dermis layer, making the skin more moist and fully elastic.

  Rich in water and plant fiber, as in watermelon, can promote detoxification throughout the body.


Lemon The special ingredients in lemon can promote norepinephrine secretion and affect the human’s hypothalamus’s emotional regulation center, so that you have a good mood at any time.


Strawberries are often eaten to prevent and prevent various cancers such as oral cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, and rectal cancer, because they contain very rich antioxidants and can fight cancer.


Tomatoes Tomatoes can provide you with enough lycopene to help cells repair damage, while promoting vasodilation and lowering blood pressure, which are very good for your heart health.


Cherries Cherries contain enough human essential amino acids to help synthesize liver sugar and help you relieve fatigue and repair muscle strain.

  In addition, cherry also contains very good antioxidant anthocyanins, which can not only fight aging, but also effectively relieve cellular inflammation.