Xinyihua porridge soup can cure colds


Xinyihua porridge soup can cure colds

[Introduction]As the saying goes, “Illness comes like a mountain, and illness goes like a shred.” Regardless of major illness or minor illness, it is really annoying to encounter this situation.

For example, for some colds, some people have taken the medicine and shot the needle, but the cold is still too good to be felt. A headache and a fever can’t be said. The nasal congestion or runny nose can’t stand it.

  Xin Yihua: San Feng Han Tong Nao Qiao is recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica, saying that “Xin Yi Zhi Wen, who breathes into the lungs, can help Qingyang go up in the stomach, so he can warm to the nose and nose”.

It has a mild taste, warmth, enters the lungs, and has two meridians of the stomach.

So if you really have a stuffy nose caused by a cold, consider this flower.

Xinxiang Wensan Xinyihua is light in weight and thin in air. It can walk the lung meridians to open the stagnation, and it is an alternative medicine for the treatment of rhinitis or headache and nasal congestion (caused by various reasons).

  Xinyi flower porridge: method supplements effectively improve the wide range of application Xinyi flower porridge is to use its characteristics, rub its effect into our lives, delicious, but also improve the symptoms of nasal congestion.

  The specific method is: prepare about 10 grams of Xinyi flowers and 100 grams of rice.

Select the Xinyi flower, put it in a bowl, and add some water to soak it for about 5?
10 minutes, fry the juice and use it to cook porridge with rice.

If you think this method is too troublesome to cook and cook, you can directly wash the fresh Xinyi flowers, cut them into filaments, add them when the rice is cooked into porridge, and cook for 1?
2 minutes.

  1 every day?
2 times, usually eat 2?
3 days can pass through the nose, especially suitable for those who have nasal congestion headache due to exogenous wind or cold or nasal congestion due to sinusitis.

  In fact, regardless of whether you are suffering from cold or wind, whether it is a major or a comorbid condition, you can drink porridge with Xinyihua.

Only those who have yin deficiency and fire or hyperactivity of liver and yang are not suitable because Xinyihua Xinwen.

  Xinyihua diet can not only make porridge, but also make soup and drink.

Boiled eggs with a little syringa flower is a good choice.

The specific method is: prepare 10 grams of Xinyi flowers and 1 egg.

Wash the Xinyi flower and put it in the pot with the eggs (Note: don’t rush to break the eggs, the shell eggs are needed here), add 500ml water to cook, and when the water is half-fried, use the spoonCome out, peel off the eggshell, then put it back and cook for a while.

Just once a day, eat eggs and drink soup, can promote lung Tongqiao, commonly used to treat rhinitis, nasal congestion and headache caused by sinusitis.

  Dried Xinyi flowers: It is best to cook them if you buy themIt can cause a cough.