Housewife fast thin


Housewife fast thin

Editor’s note: Faced with homeless tramps, she, like many others, passed them in the morning run.

But now, she has launched a “foot-to-foot” project, running side by side with these tramps, giving them care and faith, and changing the fate of many people.

  Anne Marholm was selected as “Top Ten Heroes of 2008” by the US Cable Network (CNN).

The winners of “CNN Heroes” are ordinary heroes selected from nearly 4,000 candidates nominated in 75 countries.

  After moving, the first thing I did was to determine a morning run.

When I hit the road in the fresh air at dawn, watching the world slowly wake up, my heart beats through the beat under my feet.

Every time I feel that life is so alive and full of possibilities.

  One morning after moving here, I ran across the street corner and saw a group of homeless people wandering in front of the shelter.

They have about 10 people.

I shouted to them, “Good morning!

“They froze, then reacted, tentatively beckoning to respond.

I moved on, and disappeared into their sight after a few minutes.

  The next morning, the group was still there, with the sign “Sunday Breakfast Charity Relief Team” hanging on the broken door of the old house behind them.

I waved again and said hello.

Several people responded this time, and one shouted, “Do you run every day?

“On the third and fourth day, I deliberately slowed down and talked to them.

One asked: “How far do you run today?

“” 10 miles.

“”Oh my God!

Are you crazy?

“”I like running.

see you tomorrow!

“”good luck!

“I ran, thinking about these people.

I grew up in a white community in Bismarck, and as a kid I used to run around in my spacious backyard.

Now I rent an apartment and work in an office building in the city.

How much do I know about homeless people?

How can I help these people?

Is there anything else I can do besides waving my hand?

  These people have become my amateur cheerleaders and they are always waiting for me.

“How far do you run today, Annie?

“Just run 6 miles.

“As I jog past, looking at those eyes lit by the lonely street lights and the bright smiley faces, a question came to mind again-can I do something for them?

  Suddenly, I lost my heart and stopped.

The gates of memory opened, and the past flowed like a tide. I seemed to be back at Bismarck. A 16-year-old tomboy was waiting for Dad to go home.

He walked into the door that day and looked weird. He told his brother, sister and me, “Children.

Can you go out and play with friends for a while?

I want to talk to your mother.”When we went home, Dad was sobbing on the sofa.

I sat next to him in the retina, and confessed everything to me with embarrassment-it turned out that he had been filthy for years, but now he couldn’t hide it.

Because he had lost all his savings at home, his mother parted ways with him.

He said, “Sorry, I definitely didn’t mean to hurt you. I always wanted to overcome it by myself, but I couldn’t do it.

“I went back to my room, as if the walls were pressing against me.

I have to do something.

Finally, I put on running shoes and went out.

In the scorching sun in the afternoon, I ran for many miles in one breath and didn’t care where I was going.

Just keep running.

I have never run this far, but I can only pat on the ground with both feet. I feel the depression in my chest as if venting from the soles of my feet . When I return home exhausted, I feel very calm,Seems to hear God say, “I have given you what you need to get through this difficult time.

“That morning, I was standing in the streets of Philadelphia, and all of a sudden these shelter friends needed something.

Ever since Dad’s distressing confession, he has been trying his best to quit bad habits, and I have found the power to support him while keeping himself physically balanced. This power comes from simple running.

Why can’t I give these people the same joy of self-healing?

  ”For me, running is never about staying healthy.

It can tap into the inner power that I don’t even know.

When I run, I become a confident and powerful person.

If you also run, I believe you will feel the same.

“I board them.

To my relief, everyone was intrigued and asked me rhetorically: “I have never run, can I still run?

“Do you think we can?

“What do we need to prepare?”

“Do you need special clothes?”

What about shoes?

4 days later, in the grey morning, I arrived at the rescue team. They all stood outside waiting for me, and there was a person from a sporting goods store.

He received an email from me asking for help.

And responded quickly.

Donated running shoes and sportswear together with other enthusiastic people.

We quickly found the right size for everyone and then started preparing.

  We set off.

When they persisted for half a mile, they seemed to be no longer restrained.

One by one was so tired, but all grinned with teeth.


“A man named Mike shouted.

“I can’t believe I can run a mile!

“Craig continued.

  We turned the last corner.

Back to the rescue mission.

James was out of breath. He put his hand on the side and panted, “I’ve never felt so good. When is the next run?”


“I answered.  A year and a half have passed and we are still running.

Shortly after my first morning run, I turned down a job for a large company to be honest.

That job is ideal, but it requires me to travel frequently.

I can’t just abandon these new friends. On the contrary, I actively plan to launch a non-profit organization called “Based On” to build a running club in Philadelphia’s homeless shelter.

  News about our running soon spread, and more and more people participated in long-distance running, covering almost the entire city.

Mike received marathon training.

And participated in this state marathon.

Soon, he found work in another refuge and moved into the first apartment he had ever rented himself.

  He now works part-time for the Foothold Club and is responsible for one of the five running clubs in Philadelphia.

James and Craig also moved out of the shelter. James went to another place in Philadelphia. Cramer went to New York. They were still running.

There is no doubt that we have more than 100 members and more than 400 volunteers, and we are planning to establish a new pilot in Baltimore.

  I still run in the morning near my residence every morning, watching the world wake up in the pearly morning light.

I and the followers behind me have merged together to come up with a simple and immortal truth-as long as we make good use of God’s power, it is all possible.