[Delicious spicy snacks]_ Some are _ Some are


[Delicious spicy snacks]_ Some are _ Some are

For many friends who like spicy food, not only the daily diet can not be separated from pepper, in many cases, when buying snacks, they will also choose spicy snacks.

In fact, there are so many snacks, so do you know what the delicious spicy snacks are?

Today, through long-term investigations and tastings, Xiaobian recommends several spicy snacks to everyone, hoping to meet everyone’s needs for spicy flavors.

The hot flavor of Papa Thong cassava chips is another kind of delicious snack from Indonesia.

The taste of cassava chips and potato chips is still a little different, but they are just as delicious. Compared with ordinary potato chips, they are not so crispy and thicker.

Moreover, the adult content of this cassava chip is relatively low, about 50% lower than the average potato chip.

Those who have been eating potato chips can try it, and may find another world.

How can the spicy snacks of Laos Wave Potato Chips be less spicy?

It’s so refreshing to eat a large slice.

Don’t dare eat more now.

The potato chip mascot is really too high.

Spicy, chewy, addictive, really addictive.

This kind of small fish is a special product in the area of Dongting Lake. There are many delicious brands. Jinzi is a brand with hints and has a variety of flavors.

But my grandmother made the best dried fish.

It’s more delicious than the packages on the market.

Xing Sheng De Spicy Peanuts are spicy and salty, with stars.

The peanuts look very good and are of high quality.

It’s also very cheap.

And many traditional snacks double the proportion of online prices, it can be said that the price of conscience.

Yanjinpu Fish Tofu Spicy I like to eat fish tofu, Q is smooth.

Some people do n’t like to eat and feel a little fishy, this one is really not fishy or very small.

The hot and spicy Mom Jiu Jin Dou Jin tastes strong, and the authentic Hunan flavor is spicy.

I have tasted spicy bars of various tastes and shapes from all over the country. This alcoholic bean tendon can be ranked in the top 5 before.

Many people have heard of the name Yang Yangzi Sauce Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck. The most authentic ones are from Changde. There are a few brands that are not bad.

Jin Dan, Tong Fat is an old brand.

But I think Anxiang’s Yang Yazi sauce duck is more delicious than these two.

I used to work outside and brought it to my colleagues and friends every time, and conquered a lot of people.

A friend in Changde asked him to buy bulk for you, which is much better than vacuum packaging.

Lotus bean Weidou likes this taste and recommend it many times.

All kinds of flavors.

Youyou pickle pepper claws have been eating this brand.

The pickled peppers tasted while watching TV while eating, only to notice the bones of a table when advertising.

Liu Ji Spicy Beef Jerky This is a shop on Taobao that specializes in selling spicy jerky in Sichuan. It only sells beef jerky.

Spicy and delicious.

Seriously recommended.