Siesta is not off the brain, twice as likely to cause cancer


Siesta is not off the brain, twice as likely to cause cancer

According to medical reports, using a computer for 4-6 hours a day, the risk of getting cancer after three years is 26% higher than that of normal people.

  Remember to turn off the computer when you go to bed at noon. Do you often feel heavy or memory loss?

  When sleeping on your stomach, remember to turn off the computer, not just turn off the screen, because turning off the screen alone cannot prevent radiation, and we all sleep on our stomachs, head directly to the computer, somedayAlzheimer’s disease or brain tumors are too late!

Radiation is really scary!


  The computer killer-thoracic outlet syndrome often sits at the computer desk. Is it sitting for several hours and sitting incorrectly, always feel inexplicable shoulder and neck pain, or even work unintentionally?

Now please take a quiz, please look at your head to the left, and then bend your head down 45 degrees slowly, and the movement is done here, does your neck, neck and shoulders feel abnormal?Sore?

If you have the above symptoms, you can be careful, because you are likely to be the victim of the “thoracic outlet syndrome” of modern computer civilization disease.