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Autumn Beauty recommends creating whitening people

Ages will not only leave “heritage” such as wrinkles on the face, but also bring “unrecognizable” panic!

We all know that sunburn, aging, and internal secretion of the skin are all factors that cause long spots. Melanin deposition has become the biggest culprit. Compared with whiter skin, the more afraid the spots are, then how can we build our protective front

It is extremely urgent and important to choose anti-spot and light spot products!

  1 Die Cui Shi Kam vitality whitening series vitality brightening lotion RMB198 / 120ml vitality brightening cream RMB198 / 45g condensed the dual beauty energy of Kam fruit essence and its seed essence, whitening and anti-oxidation, improving finenessStreaks and rough skin problems.

  2 Favorite name Brightening Purifying Exfoliating Gel RMB325 / 75ml first “polished” and then whitening combines the advantages of physical and chemical exfoliation, gentle and non-irritating to create the most effective exfoliating effect.

Add a variety of active maintenance ingredients to provide exfoliating, moisturizing, and suppressing melanin.

  3 Sekkisei lotion RMB380 / 200ml has excellent whitening and moisturizing effects Coix kernel, Angelica, licorice and other Chinese herbal extracts, prevent dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure, make the skin gradually white as snow, improve the essence of the skinWhitening lotion.

  4 Sisley Botanical Whitening Cleansing Milk RMB950 / 200ml Botanical Whitening Cleansing Milk is light and delicate, completely removing makeup, differences and excess sebum, making the facial skin fresh and oil-free. The skin is more clean and crystalline, fine and smooth, and perfectly protects the natural skin.barrier.
Essentially, it contains natural plant extracts with whitening effect. Vitamins and essential oils work together to make the skin fairer and more even day after day.

  5 Vichy Double Essence Whitening Moisturizing Water Emulsion RMB248 / 50ml Improves the dull complexion and suppresses the production of melanin. The improved formula of traditional emulsion is light, refreshing and non-sticky; 24-hour water-retaining moisturizing anti-pollution formula; the skin is moisturizing and comfortable for a long timeZe, pure, and transparent.

The refreshing moisture is particularly suitable for use with other products to enhance moisture retention. It is used daily in the morning and evening in autumn and winter to firmly lock skin moisture.

  6 Guerlain Completely Deep Whitening Cleansing Gel RMB450 / 150ml The essential companion for perfect whitening care. This cleansing foam contains subtle transparent beads, slightly light and sweet and delicate. It removes all remaining makeup and impurities for the skin, and absorbs shine.After use, his face glowed.

  7 Neutrogena Fine White Essence RMB199 / 30g effectively brightens the overall complexion. The new Neutrogena Fine White Essence helps to improve the fairness and alternation of the skin, making the skin more delicate and tender.

At the same time, it can help promote collagen production, stimulate skin’s deep whitening power, and make the skin glow healthy and fair.

  8 Guerlain Acne Cream RMB300 / 15ml can simultaneously improve acne and conceal blemishes, improve acne, help to cure, and perfect conceal blemishes.

Ethnic color formula.

Camphor + oxidation, improve acne and reduce pores.

Salicylic acid prevents acne formation.

  9 Laneige Whitening and Clearing Essence RMB385 / 50ml Three-Layer Progressive Whitening Three-Layer Progressive Whitening, from the skin surface to bright white skin, and finally by inhibiting and preventing the formation of melanin, the skin is brighter and whiter.
  10 Olay Focus Whitening White Silky Curd RMB220 / 50g instantly helps to improve skin texture, improve skin whiteness, and glow whiteness. Long-term use can help reduce and prevent the appearance of dark spots and dullness, and improve uneven skin tone.

It also instantly brightens races and effectively corrects stains.

  11 Nakuo Pure Whitening Moisturizing Milk RMB138 / 130ml Organic Plant Essence Moisturizing Water Whitening Organic Calendula Extract to keep skin healthy, combined with hot spring water, which has been known for its beauty effect since ancient times, it can fully moisturize and whiten ingredientsEffectively penetrates into the skin

  12 Eucerin Whitening Moisturizing Repairing Lotion SPF20 RMB268 / 50ml is also suitable for sensitive skin, suitable for normal to combination skin.

  Can inhibit the production and transmission of melanin and reduce melanin.

Its Dio Active Black Suppressor, Vitamin E acetate component, can quickly dilute pigmentation and evenly whiten the skin, and the skin texture is obviously improved after use.

  13 Nivea Crystal Pure Whitening Day Cream RMB88 / 50ml is specially added with the original “Crystallite” double whitening effect, creating a new realm of whitening from the inside out, making the skin white like diamonds, bright and bright like diamondsLike shining bloom.

  14 Opal Bright White Cleansing Cream RMB135 / 120g contains keratin-clearing particles and body-related ingredients. The foam is delicate, which can remove excess keratin and skin dirt. While keeping the skin moisturized, it makes the skin fresh and bright after washing.

  15 Dream Makeup Flower Extract Whitening Moisturizing Cream RMB159 / 50ml Balanced Water Whitening Moisturizing Whitening Moisturizing Cream White Begonia Flower Extract effectively inhibits the generation of harmful oxygen, improves the skin’s antioxidant capacity, enhances the skin’s self-healing ability, and protects the skin from UV raysAnd cause dryness.

Purifies dull and uneven skin tone caused by skin pressure and environmental pollution, protecting the complexion at all times.

  16 Herborist New Seven Whitening Whitening Essence RMB380 / 30ml RMB48 / 50mg The refreshing clarification is easily absorbed by the skin, helping to achieve a uniform and high concentration of the new “Seven White” essence ingredients combined with natural vitamin C and arbutin essence to give skin lastingVitality and fresh luster, effectively inhibit melanin production and lighten pigmentation.