The key to tooth care depends on toothpaste ingredients-


The key to tooth care depends on the ingredients of toothpaste?

A popular magic weapon on Weibo recently-choose toothpaste regardless of the name, ingredients are important factors that determine whether toothpaste is suitable for you.Look for “strontium chloride” or “potassium nitrate” to prevent tartar. Look for “pyrophosphate” or “zinc citrate” . So is it reliable to follow the picture?

The dentist said that he should not blindly pursue it, but he had to figure out what was wrong with his teeth.

  The supermarket is full of toothpaste.

A piece of so-called “whitening” toothpaste, hydrated silica in the lily, and then put the function of pearl powder in the eye-catching packaging; a comprehensive anti-stabbing toothpaste, the total fluorine content in the lily reached 0.

14%, 0 higher than ordinary toothpaste.


The reporter also found strontium chloride and potassium nitrate from the ingredients of the anti-allergy toothpaste.

  It seems that protecting your teeth is quite reasonable, according to the Internet.

However, physicians don’t think so.

Du Yu, the technical director of Shi Lubai ‘s global tooth whitening organization in China, told reporters that to care for teeth, you must first figure out where your teeth are sick.

Take tooth whitening, for example, brushing your teeth with toothpaste does not play a substantial role.

Teeth whitening has to solve the dentin problem.

“It is the infiltration of whitening actives and nutrients into the dentin through the enamel and degradation of the pigment in the dentin to whiten the teeth.

The so-called “pearl powder” has certain benefits in improving the skin environment. Adding it to toothpaste is just a gimmick, and it does not work.

  In addition, she also pointed out that tooth sensitivity also depends on the cause, whether it is a broken tooth or a gum infection. If the gum is sensitive or the roots are exposed because of excessive brushing, you should choose a toothpaste containing desensitization, such asStrontium or potassium nitrate, these two substances can alleviate the pain caused by tooth allergies.

In the former case, treatment is needed to resolve the underlying problem.

Also, don’t be too greedy when using fluoride toothpaste, because excessive absorption by the human body can cause fluorine poisoning.