Workplace, job search ideas


Workplace, job search ideas

Recruiting the person in charge is as cold as iron, and the representativeness of rivers and lakes is like a river crossing the river, it is easy to move Dong Jiafang’s heart.

Times have changed, and the fragrant wine still has to be drunk. If you want to find your favorite “in-law family”, you have to practice eighteen salesmanship skills.

  Promotional Resources: Don’t be afraid that Bole will not be seen, and Bole will not be acquainted with my horsepower campus experience. “Don’t list me transcripts. I want to know that you have done such practical activities on campus.

“This is the reaction of a personnel director after reading the resume.

This reaction is very common.

After all, the transcript highlights only the learning ability, and how your overall quality depends on the window of campus practice experience to show.

  This type of case: Xiao Sun’s academic performance is average, and he has received very few subjects in A. The only scholarship he received was the bottom third prize.

However, at the time of graduation, Xiao Sun received far more OFFERs than those with excellent grades.

A well-known winning weapon, Xiao Sun credits his campus experience part-time in the Student Employment Guidance Center.

His job at that time was to assist teachers in setting up recruitment venues.

In the second year, there were hundreds of recruitment units arranged by Xiao Sun.

By taking advantage of his position, he can understand the basic situation of these units, such as several families, the recruitment style of each unit, and the personality characteristics of supervisors and personnel managers.

As a result, Xiao Sun possessed this observation advantage and wide-ranging insight, easily moved the hearts of many household units, and became an enviable OFER classmate.

  Volunteers experience the social principle of “I am for everyone and everyone is for me” in the job market.

At a large-scale job fair in Fujian some time ago, 10% of enterprises proposed that “experience with volunteers is preferred”, and some famous brands even listed “experience with participating in youth volunteer activities” as a necessary condition for applying for positions.

  Such cases: Xiao Wang participated in a youth volunteer project jointly organized by the Hong Kong community and the NPO that year.

He served in Wangmo County, Guizhou Province.

As a senior poverty alleviation project staffer, he participated in the development of rural development projects in Wangmo County. His daily work included collating, recording project data, and organizing and mobilizing villagers to participate widely.

This volunteer experience enabled Xiao Wang to truly understand the economic situation in the countryside. He learned to deal with specific things using transposition thinking, and also had an understanding and tolerance in his character.

It is this unique experience that made an institute at the expense of lowering the admissions biology, making Xiao Wang an exception.

  Ninety percent of the companies in overseas internships are very prominent in their job requirements. They have good English and strong communication skills. This has become a hard indicator.

When others are still struggling with grades 4 and 6 and TOEFL scores, you throw out the ace of overseas internship experience, and the on-site PK, the effect is absolutely heaven and earth.

  The earliest case: Lin Fan applied for an internship with Juncture Technologies, India through AIESEC (International Union of Economics and Business Students) last year.

The company is not a traditional IT company in India, or even more domestic New Oriental. Its business scope includes studying abroad, English training, immigration, visa agency and career planning.

Lin Fan applied for a position in the migration agency.

Lin Fan benefited from half a year of internship experience.

Not only can he receive applicants independently, provide reasonable advice based on their economic and professional conditions, but also summarize a set of unique experience in dealing with embassy visa officers of various personalities.

After returning to China, Lin Fan posted this internship experience on a job blog. Immediately, a multinational cultural company came to his door and offered to sign a favorable contracting condition to invite him to join.

  There may be too many college students with passion and dreams in entrepreneurship, but there are not too many college students who have the ability and ability to put their passions and dreams into practice. Therefore, even if your entrepreneurship ends in failure, or it is just a boss, This experience also fractured HR to look at.

  Such cases: When he was a freshman, Qian Wen founded a company with four senior students in the school, focusing on a student discount card project called “student love”.

The project takes the win-win situation of businessmen and students as the selling point of the market and attracts the participation of many shops. The business scope includes all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation.

Later, as seniors graduated and left school in succession, Qian Wen could not stand alone, and this venture ended in failure.

But in the job market, Qian Wen ‘s experience turned into a golden signboard. Often it was too late for him to recommend himself, and the employer began to ask him for his signing intention.

  Promotional tools article: “Good Wind” exerts its strength, and sends me invitations to Qingyun: Reason for selection: Invitations add a tenderness to the cold resume, and use it to sell yourself is a magic trick.

The director of personnel was again iron-clad. When this happened, he was sincere and politely “invited”, fearing that the psychological defense line would loosen inadvertently.

  Such a case: A girl from Wuhan University of Technology majoring in horticulture made a tri-fold “invitation card” from dark green coated paper.

The cover of the invitation was written with her name, school and personal motto, photos after opening, personal experience, transcripts, etc.

She is applying for the role of a planner, and this invitation resume is just her first window to show her creativity.At the recruitment site, this innovative resume immediately caught the eye.

At the end of the job fair, the sustainable unit issued an invitation to the girl for more inspections.

  Job application card: Reason for selection: An interviewer will face hundreds or thousands of resumes, and the reading time will not exceed 30 seconds. At the same time, the results of his hard work will become sunk information.content.

The business card is the essence of filtering.

  The earliest case: Zhang Ran, a graduate of Advertising Design in a Southwest University in 2006, now works for a well-known advertising company.

In the first half of the senior year, the company came to Zhang Ran’s school to give a lecture and saw the resumes piled up like hills. Zhang Ran only handed a business card to the personnel manager.

This business card designed by Zhang Ran uses pure black as the background color, with simple and smooth line design, full of modernity.

After receiving the business card, the personnel manager was in front of his eyes. He presented his business card on the spot and announced that he had entered the re-examination list.

A month later, Zhang Ran successfully signed the long-awaited company.

  Video Resume: Reason for inclusion: It is an accepted fact that images are easier to freeze in the brain than words.

Another accepted fact is that every 30 seconds, a candidate’s email is sent to the trash.

In the face of the HR group of “murders” with a special hobby, a personalized video resume may help you “escape under the knife” and get unexpected favor.

  Such cases: Sun Xuejuan’s career dream is to be a news anchor.

She majored in journalism. When she graduated to apply for a job, she recorded her evening show at the school host, with a simple narration and title, and made a three-minute video resume and sent it to the local TV station.

After receiving the resume, the director of the TV station paid her the asking price on the third day.

The predecessor of the video resume was a college student at Yale.

In the fall of 2006, the American student produced a video resume of “Everything Is Possible” in order to apply for a position on Wall Street financial giant UBS.

In the resume, the student fully demonstrated his skills in skiing, playing tennis, dancing, performing kung fu, etc., and finally became popular on the Internet through this video resume.

  Electronic CD: Reason for selection: Suppose you come to be HR. In the mountains of Wenhai, you suddenly find an electronic CD with beautiful pictures and beautiful music. Who will catch your eyeballs?

The confrontation between the two, the electronic CD-ROM not only fully demonstrated the talents of the candidates, but also helped companies save interview time, so clever, the odds are naturally self-evident.

  Preliminary case: Jin Haoxue’s specialty is computer.

When choosing a sales tool, he chose his old business-electronic CD-ROM.

This CD contains his elaborate resume, cover letter, and also contains some of his usual professional designs, and even flash animation, in which a lively little boy blinks his eyes and changes the content in his hand toViewers introduce their learning, internship experience, etc.

At the latest campus job fair, he merged this disc, defeated many opponents with thick materials, and took the lead in grabbing an olive branch thrown by an IT company.

  The reason for the selection of the domain name blog: One side is that the owner repeatedly uses the job search network to recruit people who are not matched, and has moved the recruitment information to the company blog. The other side is that students are tired of the ineffective sea investment battle and use the job blog to find the owner.
As you come and go, the domain name blog has become the newest child born in the era of blog marriage.

  Cases of this kind: Chen Xiaolin started using job blogs to find jobs very early, but at that time the blog website was too long, and many units did not have time to enter information into a long list of addresses, so Chen Xiaolin missed many opportunities.

Later, large-scale websites saw this market opportunity and opened domain name services one after another. Chen Xiaolin first registered a name domain name-chenxiaolin.

cn, post their personal information and design works on it.

Chen Xiaolin, who owns a personal domain name, is more eye-catching than other people who are equally declining when applying for a job.

After reading the blog of Chen Xiaolin, the boss of an internet company felt that his personal interests and skills matched his position very well, and then sent him an offer email.

  Sales Place Article: I was not born to be useful, but I have to search for it at the job fair: Reverse thinking, the “strange” classmates who often listen to job hunting job fairs are faced with frustration. After I went there, I was disappointed and wasted time.Always worry about it, afraid to miss the opportunity.

The reason is that most people fail to attract the attention of recruiters at job fairs.

There is no magic weapon for the erratic eyes of the personnel director in the vast sea of people.

  Cases of this kind: In April this year, a gathering of talent recruitment fairs in Shanghai, a young man rented a booth, and “5 years of planning experience, several successful cases.

Maximum: 80,000 annual salary!


The bottom of the poster also specifically states that there is a copy of the remaining 20 yuan.

As soon as this poster appeared, the audience was so crowded that even the booths of a nearby technology company were full.

The company’s recruiters regret that the company has not established a business unit, otherwise the young man will be his first target.  Editor’s comment: The job market will always be job seekers engaged in resumes to find his wife’s family, but occasionally move the rules and change job applicants to set up the platform, chances are that the mother’s family will readily participate.

  Lectures: Companies that study for companies and do n’t fear to “offend” to colleges and universities to give lectures are probably the emperor-level figures in their field.

So the recruitment process is generally harsh.

However, the showgirl on the emperor is usually not the most beautiful woman, and the most concise is the most understanding.

Similarly, companies recruiting employees do not have to pick the best students. Those who are familiar with the company are the most suitable.

  Such cases: A world-renowned electronics company went to Nanjing University to hold a lecture. After the company’s senior executives gave a speech, the host said that the students were free to ask questions.

A girl from the history department stood up, pointed out that the company had quality defects in the product, and cited reduced inspection data and expert reports, which forced the company’s senior management to deal with the issues raised by the girls seriously.

The girl was also bold and provocative for her insight and courage. After the briefing, she was immediately invited to speak by her company.

  Editor’s comment: Loyalty is good for the ears, and foreigners know this.

As long as your attitude is sincere and your criticism comes to an idea, the other party will definitely understand your intentions.

  Door-to-door self-recommendation: Determined to be the least popular sales method with Rocco’s door-to-door self-recommendation.

It is hard to expect the news that you want to submit your resume online, but a lot of advertising emails are unsolicited.

For large-scale social job fairs, people who work hard and have short stature can only use the outside airdrop method.

The preaching session was carried out by the emperor.

Therefore, many students choose to visit and take the initiative to attack.

  Typical case: A large electrical appliance factory in Zhengzhou recruited a job, and a technical secondary school student went to apply for it. The personnel director declined with a lack of personnel.

A month later, the technical secondary school student went to the door again to ask, and the supervisor still resigned.

At that moment, the student came to ask twice, and the supervisor sent him with untidy clothes.

Later, the student came straight to the supervisor in a suit. The supervisor had no choice but to declare that he would not recruit students who are not electrical majors.

After the student completed the elementary electronics course in two months, he found the supervisor again and asked for the assessment.

In the face of such “Flex” people, the personnel director must be moved.

  Editor’s comment: the potential is to improve by yourself.

Faced with an extremely slim hope, the person who is determined to respond with unyielding response is often the person who achieves his miracle.

  Sales observation articles: Job hunting recruits are endless for the leading boss, and sincerely recruiting young people all over the world are worried about finding a job, and South Korea is no exception.

In an age when the employment prospects of South Korean college students are becoming increasingly severe, young Kim Dong-wan has made a wonderful move with sincerity in order to get the job he wants.

Jin Dongwan’s job search goal-South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries, is the world leader in shipbuilding.

In order to impress the leader’s heart, in addition to building high-performance hardware, Jin Dongwan also decided to take great sincerity and replacement, walking from the capital Seoul to the southern city of Ulsan, the base of “modern heavy industry”.

Jin Dongwan ‘s “Job Marathon” lasted 9 days and walked 470 kilometers, and finally entered this large institution with his wish.

Although the person in charge of “Modern Heavy Industry” showed that Jin Dongwan’s “sincerity” was not the only reason for his employment, its role was self-evident.

  A unique digital resume Jia Hongfeng, a recent undergraduate majoring in journalism, moved the job search industry with a unique digital resume.

This resume is fully valued by numbers, and his basic value is 1800 yuan (compensated for the basic data that has been consumed and the advancement of living materials necessary to create new generations).

The rest is divided into three parts. The first part is the merits: lively humor (100 yuan), good communication skills (200 yuan), top professional performance (500 yuan), open-minded and easy-going qualities (500 yuan), honest quality(200 yuan), stricter than self (200 yuan), these positive values add up to a uniform of 3,500 yuan.

The second part is the shortcomings: no one has the skills (-500 yuan), no social experience (-500 yuan), and is not strong enough (-100 yuan).

The third part is the value of introspection (to be evaluated).

In the end, Jia Hongfeng believed that his market value should be around 2500 yuan, but because of unpredictable factors in the market, he was willing to agree with the unit.

This resume uses quantified numbers to express his personal characteristics and expectations, and stands out among many job applicants.